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  TC-831 Press Distribution

      TC-831 Press Distribution

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              Twecomm TC-831 is a high quality, ultra light weight stereo and mono audio distribution system that is especially well suited for furnishing mic or line level press feeds. This dual channel unit is easily switch configured to provide either eight ( 8 ) stereo or dual channel mono outputs, or sixteen (16) mono outputs. Each of the front panel male XLR output connectors can provide either a microphone or line level output signal that is individually switch selectable per output. All outputs have individual, low impedance, active balanced output drivers. Shorting an individual output will have no effect on any of the other outputs. RF suppression is provided on all inputs and outputs. An additional feature is the ability of the TC-831 to “sum” a stereo input signal and provide a mono signal to each of the 16 outputs.  


           Front panel, multi color bar graph meters provide a visual indication of signal activity and are also used to calibrate operating levels. The bar graph meters can be jumper selected to operate in either a progressive “bar” or “single segment “dot” mode. Front panel LED’s indicate if the unit is configuration for stereo or mono operation. System operating levels are set via front panel, recessed gain trims.

The rear panel balanced, bridging inputs feature looping male and female XLR connectors for “daisy chaining” multiple TC-831 units or connection to external monitoring equipment. A ground lift switch is provided to disconnect, or “lift” system ground from pin 1 of all XLR input connectors, while carrying pin 1 through to the other looped connector.  


          The TC-831’s  all aluminum construction makes for a robust yet extremely lightweight package. The internal wide range power supply allows the unit to be operated anywhere in the world from mains voltages ranging from 67-260 VAC, 40-400 HZ. The internal power supply is UL approved and is also approved by other recognized worldwide testing organizations. Mains power is supplied via the rear panel  IEC fused / switched power receptacle. An IEC north American style power cord is furnished with each unit.


Professional user price         $ 2150.00 ea.



TC-831 Specifications


               ( As measured at unity gain condition +4 DBU  input to output )


Input Impedance                                       Greater than 20 K ohm 


Input Type                                                Balanced bridging, active 


Input Level Range                                     0  DBU to + 20 DBU 


Output Impedance                                   < 600 Ohm 


Output Type                                            Active, Balanced, Line or Mic selectable 


Output Level                                           LINE     Output,    Nominal +4 DBU (+ 20 DBU Max ) 

                                                               MIC      Output,    Nominal -44 DBU 


Frequency Response                            20 Hz to 20 Khz,   + / - .1 DB 


Noise                                                       Less than - 95 DB , Referenced to +4 DBU output level  


THD + N                                                   Less than .005 %,   20 Hz.-20 Khz. 


Cross Talk ( Stereo Mode )                     Greater than -100 DB , 

                                                                (any CH-1 output to any CH-2 output @ 20 KHZ ) 


Power Input                                             85-265 VAC , 47-440 Hz. , 20 watts  


Dimensions                                               Width ,19.00 in.    Height , 5.25 in.    Depth, 6.25 in, 


Weight                                                      Approx.    5 lbs.


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