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  Jibcom    Jib Camera Communications System     

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       Jibcom provides a total solution to the communication needs for the jib mounted camera. The Jibcom system consists of the IF-100 camera interface module, CH-200 control head module with swivel locking mount clamp and jib arm cable. Individual camera interface cables are specific to each brand and model of camera and provide connection from the camera to the interface module. Active circuitry converts camera intercom, program audio and intercom microphone signal paths from low level, un-balanced signals to high level, electronically balanced signals for the trip down the jib arm cable. Opto-isolators buffer all camera tally and switching functions to protect the camera from potential hum and RF interference. Both the camera interface cables and double shielded jib arm cable have been carefully selected to offer excellent shielding properties and remain highly flexible in all temperature conditions. Jibcom internally generates a local side tone with level adjustment available on the control head. Power for Jibcom is derived from the camera, no other power source is required.

  The CH-200 Control head features individual digital level and pan controls which provide the operator ability to “mix” intercom and program audio as desired. Viewfinder and intercom mic switching is controlled by an internal microprocessor that provides “Smart Touch” switching functions which are either momentary or latching depending on button touch. Switching controls include Mic on/off, with LED indicators for each of the two intercom channels and external viewfinder switching with LED indicators for up to 3 camera external viewfinder selections. Red and green tally LED’s are located on the control head. An optional ET-1 external tally indicator is available to provide additional tally indication that can be located at the operators video monitor. An additional external tally connection is provided on the IF-100 interface module to accommodate an ET-1 tally indicator for a jib mounted tele-prompter. The control head and interface modules feature rugged all aluminum enclosures. The control head has a sealed, water resistant, membrane type button panel.  A standard 5 pin female headset connector is provided for connection of a user supplied dual or single muff, headset with dynamic microphone element. Ball bungee cords are provided for attaching the interface to camera mount yoke.  Standard jib arm cable is 40 feet, longer lengths are available special order at additional charge.   

  Jibcom supports all currently available models of Sony, Thomson-GVG, Ikegami, Panasonic and Hitachi HD broadcast cameras operating on either SMPTE fiber optic or Triax cables. Older model SD cameras of the same manufacture, typically used similar connectors as current HD models and are wired the same. This allows Jibcom to be used with most older camera models as well.

        The list below shows the wide variety of HD & SD cameras for which interface cables are available.  Contact us if you need assistance selecting the correct interface cable for use with your camera. 


Cameras having 10 or 20 pin “Tracker” connector  and 6 pin “Ret Cont” connectors

Cameras having 12 pin “I/O” connector

Cameras in the LDK Series having 4 pin “DC power” connector

Cameras having 6 pin “Ret Cont”  connector and 4 pin “DC Power” connectors

Cameras having 6 pin “Ret Cont” connector, 5 pin”Script” connector and  5 Pin “AC Out” connector

*Certain Jibcom features not supported when using with these cameras

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