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Twecomm History


            Twecomm Inc. was initially established in 1990, first as a sole proprietorship and later incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania in January of 1994. Through the years, our emphasis remains on design and manufacturing of specialty electronics serving specific needs within the television, video production and performing arts industries. Many of our products are born out of a need for “a special something” that is either not commercially available or manufactured by any others.


A brief history of Twecomm products and services…


            It all started with the Twecomm Redundant Power Supply Adaptor. It was noticed that just about everyone that was involved in professional sound re- enforcement, carried a spare power supply but had no way to effectively use that supply as a “hot spare”, it just sat in a rack unused. The first TC-3000 model , was designed for the legendary Yamaha PM-3000 mixing console. Our redundant adaptor provided a method for using both a main and spare power supply to power the console simultaneously, to seamlessly cover a power supply failure. Soon to follow were models supporting Soundcraft, Ramsa and other Yamaha consoles of the day, with many of those sold still in use worldwide to this day. In years following, most every console manufacturer got requests for such redundancy and started to offer optional redundant power provisions standard on their console products.


            Other products that followed were the TC-460 announce switch, which provided local and remote switching of an announcers mic as well as PL intercom and program audio monitoring for the announcer on a live show. These units are still in service to this day and used on many live telecasts and major award shows.  


            Before current day high definition & 5.1 surround sound, the standard was Dolby pro logic surround. Twecomm manufactured the TC-1443 remote control for the Dolby SDU-4 surround decoder which was immediately embraced by television broadcasters.  


            The TC-416, 24 output mono press DA’s were custom manufactured for Burns Audio, and used to distribute press feeds at the 1996 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. The current day offering is the TC-831 which can provide either 8 Stereo outputs or 16 output mono outputs of high quality press distribution at mic or line level. All in a package weighing only 5 lbs.


            The OHS-1 Orchestra headset system offered a comprehensive solution for conductor communications, conductor audio monitoring and distribution of program audio, click track and conductor verbal instructions to the members of a large orchestra. The OHS-1 systems manufactured in 1994 are still in use to this day on major live award and variety television shows in the United States.  


            For NBC Olympics, Twecomm designed and manufactured the MMX-24, 4 channel stereo monitor mixer and TC-410 4 output IFB system.  For Olympics communications, the TC-308 coupler central power supply provided a space saving power supply for multiple Getner auto couplers. Again, these units are still used in the production of current day Olympic coverage. 


            For Denon Electronics, we designed and manufacturered the RC-620, RC-650 and RC-680 and RC-770 wired remote controls to service many different models of CD players, MD player/ recorders and audio cassette recorders.  Also for Denon was the DNAT-70, quad 70 v / 25v  line transformer unit.     


            For Klotz Digital, we custom designed 32 port GPI tester used for qualifying GPI inputs and outputs for console integration testing.  


            For the EBU Washington News Bureau, the TC-210 multi user, 8 drop, dual 4 wire communications system provides intercom functions between the Washington DC news bureau and NY bureau and headquarters in Brussels.  


            Twecomm also provides mechanical broadcast related design solutions. For Azcar and the National Football League, we designed and co-ordinated manufacture of the on field, High Definition “Instant Replay” review booth which used on the sidelines of every televised NFL football game.  


            We bring over 35 years of professional broadcast audio, broadcast communications and production expertise to the design process. Our close contact with many industry professionals help identify specific needs and often supply the inspiration for many of our product ideas.  We will be glad to discuss your custom needs.  


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